All about creatine

In theory you can probably suspect what should occur when individuals take creatine supplements, but the question is, does creatine really work?

Before we look at any effects of supplements we have to first see that the creatine supplements are effective in raising the creatine levels in our bodies. About 1/2 of our creatine is made by the body, but the other half originates from food sources (about 1 gram daily), in theory supplementation should have a substantial impact.

Studies have actually shown that creatine levels are much lower in vegetarians, which is expected considering that meat is a significant source, which leads us to think that creatine supplements is probably even more vital for vegetarian athletes.

One last note is that if you begin supplementing you’ll see a slight creatine weight gain, as creatine will cause you to keep additional water.
Results of Creatine Supplements

This is in my viewpoint the highest location of interest for the majority of people, myself included; are there any creatine advantages? The results in studies have been very promising. In an Australian study performed by Stephen Bird a range of sportsmens were provided creatine packing doses of up to 20-30 grams and results were determined on their efficiencies. Exactly what was seen was that the sportsmens using creatine supplements had an improvement in their high-intensity anaerobic and optimal power performance, by 5-15 %!

Now with that being said, it was also seen that sportsmens in stamina sports saw no measurable profit from the creatine. This actually supports the theory we took a look at earlier since creatine plays a duty in ATP facilitation, which is a huge factor in short-term energy production.

Is Creatine Safe?
There are two major individuals that might be at risk if they start creatine supplements. It appears to be a danger to individuals with existing renal condition, and in people with Polycystic Kidney Illness. Both are quite unusual, but if you have either creatine supplements is not a great idea.

Aside from that nonetheless, studies have actually been really favorable in terms of creatine safety. Given that creatine supplements is fairly new no comprehensive long term studies have actually been completed, but short-term studies appear to indicate that there are no threats of creatine supplements. The European Food Safety Authority stated that long-term consumption of 3g of creatine daily is risk-free.

The few little long-term studies have thus far had positive outcomes. The main issue for most individuals is typically liver and kidney damages, however these misconceptions have actually been scientifically disproven as well.

Some people have issues over the security of including a creatine filling stage where you take well over the advised dosage and have even gone as far to stating you have to have a creatine cycle. As long as you aren’t overdoing your intake for more than 2-3 weeks you should not have any issues.


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